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Cruelty-Free Bee Nest Removal

We're getting ready to paint the trim on our house and we have three nests that have to go. (Two yellow jacket and one wasp.)  We've been using the live and let live approach, but none of the painters will touch our house with three nests.  I'm NOT willing to use anything to kill the bees.  Since they're not honeybees, I don't know if a beekeeper would take them or not.  My other thought is to wait until Spring to paint (yes, I'm that vegan) so that the hives would be abandoned (right!?!) and we could remove them without upsetting the bees.

I don't have any advice but good luck with the bees.


DH found a beekeeper at work.  (Bee keeping engineers?  :o) Hopefully he will have some advice.  If anyone else has thoughts, post 'em!


Sometimes wasps vary, but if there's a colony, there's a chance there'll be a queen bee.  With Apis mellifera you can just sweep them into a box, make sure the queen is with them, and move them somewhere else.  I wonder if it's the same for social wasps?  Also, will they have enough time to prepare for winter if you move them now?


I don't know.  I know nothing about bees except that I don't want to hurt them.  :'(

What do they do in the winter?  Will I mess them up if I move the hive in the winter months?  It doesn't get cold here until mid-November.  (How long would they need to prepare? Where would be a good place to relocate them?)

I don't know what specific type of bees/wasps these are, but two nests are black and yellow striped (yellow jacket?) and one nest is big and papery with black bees with white spots on their back segments.  ???


this probably isn't the best option, but could you wait to paint until spring?
i really admire you MDV!!!


I don't mind waiting until Spring at all.  I'm planning to list my house sometime in early March, so as long as it's painted by then, it's fine.  (Right now we have peeling pastel blue trim on a cream and brick red Spanish style house  ::)) 

Does anyone know what bees do in the winter?  Hibernate? Migrate? Die?

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