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Cali's progress.....NVR

Cali is doing great!  Tomorrow she takes her 11th day of Ivomec for the mange.  Handling it beautifully!  Her thyroid meds kicked in after 24 hours.
She now has stubble on most of her body.  She is 99% scab free.
I knew she was feeling better when two nights ago, she pinned Smedley Hoover down and put his head in her mouth and tried to chew it!  Before you all get upset, Smedley asked for it and loved it.  He has his Cali back!!!!!  Smedley is my orange cat.  Smedley was totally bonded to Isabela and has tried very hard to be close to Cali.
Looks like we will be going to Michigan for Canadian Thanksgiving.  October 8th but we will be going on the 6th.  I will have to keep a close watch on her as she plays rough with my friends two standard poodles.  I bought her a really cute pink sweater so her skin will be protected.
Her feet are still very tender but someone at the Pijac show (pet trade show) gave me a very soothing hemp oil/shea butter product that I put on her feet.  She doesn't lick them and bother them so much when I use it.
Yepper, my dear sweet Cali is getting better.  I am now totally confident that putting her on the conventional meds for her mange was the right thing to do.  As for the thyroid issue, I had no choice.  It is wonderful seeing the happiness in her eyes.  They are bright.
She wants to play, is back to her normal self although bald and is happy. 
I figure she will have a lot of hair growth in the next month.
I took her outside tonight.  My neighbour's cat chased a squirrel.  Cali chased Shadow as she loves Shadow.  The squirrel made it up a wall.  I told the squirrel to hang on for a minute.  Got Cali to chase Shadow away.  Shadow is declawed but Cali doesn't know that as all of my four cats have claws.  She backs up when Shadow puts his paws out. The squirrel took the opportunity to escape.  I am always on the squirrels side!
For some reason Shadow adores Cali.  When Cali stops the chase, Shadow follows her and instigates a new chase.  Whoever said dogs and cats could not get along.
As for Cali, I am so glad I listened to my heart and did the conventional thing again along with the naturopathic. She is healing beautifully and I now know will make a full recovery.
Cali is a very special dog.  Sunday marks a milestone.  September 23rd, 2006, she got on a plane from Greece and made a very special place in my heart. 
She had no hope and no future.  Her other three siblings are are here in Ontario and doing great.  Cali was the weak link in the litter. 
She started her life being found on the cold streets of Greece and it was cold!  Her mom was found dead and one sibling was dead.  Her mom and all the siblings were found bald due to their extreme mange problems.  Cali is the only one that couldn't fight the mange.  Now we know it was because of her hypothyroidism. 
Cali is a loving and sweet pup.  She will be two in December. 
None the less, she may have been the weak link but not anymore.  My new vet is a saint and Cali will get to enjoy and reap the benefits of a long and healthy life.  I wouldn't have it any other way.
My vet said many would have put her to sleep.  I am not many. 

Please continue to send positive thoughts Cali's way.  I know that all the positive thoughts have helped her greatly.

She is totally a blessing to my life. She helped me get through my loss of Isabela.  She is goofy and fun.  She makes me laugh. 
More so, she makes me realize my life would not be complete without a dog in it.  Yes, I have a dog that will need lifetime meds.  Yes I have a dog that has a weakened immune system.  Yes, I know she will be more of a challenge than a healthy dog.  But.... she was a rescue dog that needed a home.  A loving home where one was willing to give her the time and medical care that she needed. 
Well, Cali has it.  I will care for her to the best of my ability for as long as she chooses to share her life with me. 

Her real name is Calista...meaning the most beautiful one on Greek.  Even bald, she is!

great to hear, di!


I'm so glad to hear this.  Once you've had dogs in your life you can't ever not have them.  Our younger one had an argument with a very large truck when he was one year old.  So many operations, so much worry and upset and (let's face it, vet treatment is never cheap), so much money.  But how can you not try?  He didn't lose his leg.  He no longer has a bony hip joint but a fibrosed one which makes one of his legs slightly shorter than the rest, but he has a phenomenal turn of speed and such a happy life.

I'm so glad you are the person you are and so glad that Cali found someone like you.  May both your lives be long and happy! (and healthy!!)


God bless Cali!!

And God bless Di!!

Gee maybe I should come to Canada and see her vet, much better than my Dr. visit Tuesday... :D
They drew more blood for an antibody test today, we'll see what that comes up may be Hashimoto's disorder...

One day without OTC stuff, and counting!


Im so thrilled she is doing better!!!

Honestly, to me it doesn't matter what methods you use to make her better, as long as it works.


Di, this is fantastic news. Big hug for you & a big hug for Cali too  :-*


This is the best news I've heard in a while!!  :)  I'm so happy to hear Cali is doing much better.  Sending positive vibes your way...


Good for you and Cali, this is great news!  Thanks for sharing, Di!




Awesome news!  I'm really happy you have each other.


I'm so happy to hear that!  Brave Cali and wonderful you! 


That's great news to hear Diver-Di!

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