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Cali update...NVR...

Cali started her thyroid meds last night.  Had another this morning.  As well as her first Ivomec treatment. 
I went to work and had the most horrendous day as we are incredibly short staffed.  To add to it, I had a flat tire.
My BF called me at work and said he wanted to work on the floor in my bedroom closet.  I was so stressed out I think I told him to F off and not to come over.
I got home and my bedroom closet floor was finished and needless to say he was there.
Cali was all excited when I got home.  She hasn't had that much energy in weeks.  When I went upstairs to see my closet, she came trotting up there.  While she is bleeding everywhere, I have put up  a gate keeping her downstairs.
My BF and I went outside to have a and a beer...him.  Cali came to the door all excited wanting to come out and join us.  Again, a first in weeks.
She is already showing signs of more energy on the thyroid meds and so adverse reactions to the Ivomec.  She is still taking natural immune boosting supplements. 
My horrendous mood of today left as my hopes and dreams for Cali became positive.  She has a mighty long road to recovery ahead of her but now knowing about her thyroid problem, a way better chance at a complete recovery.  The next few weeks will show if she has a tolerance to Ivomec, the treatment for her mites.  She will always be on the thyroid medication but it is not so much a drug but a hormone or something she needs to produce what her body needs.
Although the mite treatment is long...6 months or so..if she can tolerate it and it rids her body of the mites, the natural support supplements I am giving her will get her through this.  At the end of the mite treatment, she will continue on immune building support supplements.
I will then take her for RIFE treatments and continue building her immune system.
Yes, by the spring, Cali will be the dog she wants to be and her 'mommy' although probably exhausted will be the happiest person on the planet.

Thank you everyone for caring about Cali... a little rescue dog none of you know but one you have all embraced and taken under your wings.

I constantly tell Cali about all the people that care about her and that are sending positive thoughts her way.

Yabbitgirl.....she likes the cyber walks.  Hopefully in the next couple of months, Cali and I will be doing them with you!

Thank God I am a vegetarian or I would never know the love and support this board provides.

Hugs to you all!!!!

Di and you know the others.......

You are one of the world's best dog mommys!!
Cali and you are lucky to have each other.
:-* :-* :) :)


I'm sitting here all teary-eyed. Your news sounds so positive again. Hopefully you've finally found the key and it'll all be uphill from here. Fingers crossed. I'm looking for to seeing pictures of a frisky, healthy Cali in the spring. When she gets well you'll have to treat yourself to a digital camera!!!  :-* to you both.


I'm so glad that you finally found a vet who listened to you, understood what was going on.

It sounds like it's gtoing well, and Im sending thoughts that it continues to go well.


awwww I'm all teary~eyed  :'( but GOOD tears!!  I'm so glad to hear that Cali had such a good day.  I hope she has many, many more to come.... you are truly an inspiration and I'm positive Cali knows what a lucky pup she is to have you as a mommy.  :)

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