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Breaking news, different chemicals found by FDA in recalled pet food

and this article too:

This part really scares me:  "The apparently melamine-contaminated wheat gluten also was shipped to an unnamed company that manufactures dry pet food. The FDA is attempting to determine if that product, imported from China, was used to make any pet food, Sundlof said."

They need to name that damn company so people can decide if they want to risk feeding it to their animals!  I've got to buy dry cat food for the fab five when I get off work and I can't drive to San Antonio to get something organic and (I would hope) safe.  And now I'm afraid to buy their regular brands.  Maybe their cheap stuff would have it because it was mostly in the more expensive stuff! 

It was mostly the cheaper foods that had the problem, so I'd stay away from them. If you don't hear anything by time you leave, maybe you should "cook" for them. If that grosses you out (cooking meat), maybe you can pick up a prepared chicken or some fish (nothing spicy or saucy) and feed them that. They would probably love it, and trust me,  it will not harm them. What do you think is in cat food anyway? Chicken and fish..... 8)


My cats are weird, four of the five will kill and eat what they kill.  But they won't eat raw or cooked chicken or fish that I give them!  I've tried it more times than I can count!  My white cat throws up everything but their usual dry food.  She does get tempted to try the canned stuff occasionally but never keeps it down.  She's a very large cat,  btw.  I'm going to call my vet and see if the brand she sells is OK.
Whether they'll eat it or not, well, they will eventually, I hope.  I never seen a house cat that was offered food starve to death.  ;)


I'm scared! 

It's Hill.  They make Hill's Science Diet & Hill's Prescription Diet. 

According to what I read on Yahoo News, they say that it's only in one type - Hill's Prescription m/d Feline. 

My cat eats Hill's Prescription k/d because he has kidney problems...That package says it contains Corn Gluten and makes no mention of wheat gluten, which is supposively the source.

This is my cat's PRESCRIPTION....I would feed him other food or cook for him, but I'm afraid it would make him sick and he could die from kidney failure, even if he doesn't eat contaminated food!


Hey Operachic,
I posted this back on March 25th for KPmustluvcats whose kitties where all "prescribed" one of Hill's SD formulas. I'm going to copy it paste it over here for you. Ever wonder why most "conventional vets" only seem to "prescribe" the special formulas from Hill's? I'll find the article I read about it later and post it here.
If you think about 1 thing before I copy this other post, why would a presciption cat diet even have "corn gluten" in it as an ingredient?! It has the same nutritional value for a cat as eating cardboard would (actually I'd feed my kitties cardboard before I'd give them corn gluten). Well it's 5:30am and since I got back in an hour ago, maybe I should go to bed...maybe.....that is if my dogs ever decide to come back in and let me go to bed....ugh!

(for the food list go back to the original post and see page 4: )
Here goes:

First thing I would do is switch to one of the foods mentioned above. They will help build up your kitties overall general health and build up their immune systems. I find it "weird" in a way, that BOTH cats had the same problem. Are they related? It would lead me to believe that it is a diet-related problem that caused the blockage and UT problems. I would also seriously consider throwing away your vet's phone number and finding a new one. Science Diet is "junk food"! It's like feeding your kitties Burger King everyday.

Personally, I would probably recommend Nature's Variety Organic Raw for Cats. They have an organic raw food specifically designed for cats. I think feeding them a "clean" food, with no pesticides or antibiotics will help "clean" your kitties Urinary Tracts, kidneys and liver.   It comes frozen and is easy to handle and to feed. Here is the NV website. You can search for a local store that carries their line by zip code.

There are also supplements that your cats can take for UT problems. Here's a few links for you:

I hope this helps!


I'll bite, since you promised not to judge.  My main reason is pure laziness.

I'm very well verse on the benefits of veganism since learning about this lifestyle many years ago.  So I don't need any convincing.  I do cook primarily vegan at home.

I'm just too lazy to read my veggie burger lable and worry about the ingredients.  It so much easiery to find ovo-lacto food when I am out and about.  Today's a good example.  I'm going to a wedding and feel reasonable sure the will be something there I can comfortable eating. 

It's what works best for me and having a few eggs and dairy here and there doesn't bother me, and sometimes levels out my blood sugar and I feel reasonable well most of the time.

My dogs are carnivores and will remain so.


Yah, I saw this on my dog board..apparently they are looking into dry foods/treats now.

I heard a rumour that the "unnamed food" is Iams.

I also heard ANOTHER WELLNESS rumour ... their canned foods are produced by Menu Foods.

.. I really like the Wellness brand stuff, I often purchase their treats and occasionally their canned I need to look into this one.

(note: I just emailed Old Mother Hubbard asking them if their canned foods are produced by Menu Foods).

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