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Best dog food??

Okay, i've spent better part of last night and about 3 hours this morning looking at ingredient lists for different brands of dog food online, going back n forth between that and a list of ingredients i found on the internet that you DON'T want in your dogs food... it's just so exhausting, and i'm getting frustrated because i don't know what would be best for my new puppy when she comes home in 9 days...

I've been on and looking at the foods they have, i found AvoDerm Puppy Food Formula which seems good as far as ingredients (no unspecific animal ingredients like "animal fat" which could come from roadkill for all i know) and the reviews are all good. right now it's 35 pounds for $25

i'm so confused! i know a lot of you have dogs, what brands do you feed them??

That reminds me, I want to try Vegan Evolution! I'll order some tonight...

I've been thinking of supplementing with Sojourner Farms too...anyone ever try that?


Feed my dog and cats AvoDerm.  It seems to work well for them.  They have lovely coats, shiny eyes and are very healthy.  Not in favor of diets that are meat based for dogs. They are omnivores.  Like us, their diet should be primarily carbohydrates.  They also need at least half of thier diet to be plant foods. 


I like Innova or Evo, but neither is vegetarian. They also make cat food, but the evo is (I think) 100% meat for cats, which is great for them, but gives them smelly bowel movements : /


my dogs eat Nature's Recipe Vegetarian Formula (no by-products).....we get it at PetsMart and its $25 for a big makes their breath smell like garlic and I love it.

aww, i looked for this at petsmart, and it was $50.  bummer.  i just noticed that this was written in 2009- so maybe inflation is to blame?




We just got a 8 month old and weren't really expecting to get a dog (he really needed a home) so the first thing we did is went to petsmart. The person we talked to was very helpful, my s/o had wanted the dog to be on a veggie diet but the associate said you really need to talk to a vet before doing that with a dog as it's not always the best diet for them (even though it is for us!)...It's hard picking out food, we're going to use up what was given to us and then get a good food for him. They did recommend the Blue stuff. Sometimes though it is possible to over-research!  :)


I realize this is an old post, but for anyone else who may look on here, I found really helpful when I was doing the same thing when I adopted my Great Dane.  You can look up virtually any brand and see it's rating and get an understandable breakdown of the rating.  Or you can search for food by rating, brand, etc. 

At Costco, they sell Nature's Domain dog food, which gets 4 out of 5 stars on this site.  They have two flavors of grain-free dog food.  A 35-lb. bag is about $35.  My dog has solid stools with it.  The only reason I have a Costco membership is for my dog, but it's still a lot cheaper than specialty stores.

**EDITED 5/24/12:  RECALL!!  I just found out that Kirkland Signature (dog and cat foods) and Nature's Domain dog foods have been recalled, except for the Nature's Domain turkey dog food.  Fortunately for my dog and me, our state is not on the list of states with any of these recalled foods.  You can check for recalls.  There's also info now on for these specific foods, too.



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