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Another question about dog poop

Sorry guys, but for some reason this keeps becoming a priority in my life  ::)  :-\

We just returned from an extended road trip to the beach with our dogs (some may recall the new one, Zidi and the 'old' one Raika).  Zidi, the rescue is proving to be more difficult than Raika was in many many ways (recall previous posts about dog poop).

Current issue:  we'd noticed that Zidi wouldn't poop on walks (or, as we thought, on leash).  She likes her spot in the back yard and that's fine, one less pile for me to have to pick up and carry, great.  So enter the road trip.  She won't poop 'in public' all...unless it is an absolute emergency (she gave herself a salt water cleanse the first day that kind of made things more-or-less immediate) but other than that, she held it and whined and whined and whined.  This dog went from a twice-a-day-er to once in seven days (out side of the salt water squirts).

I worry about a very ugly "incident" in the car.  I worry about her little insides.  I wonder what in god's name is she thinking. I dunno.  Any ideas, oh wise doggie people?

I've, known of people to paper train their dogs in the house. The problem was the dog thought they were ONLY supposed to "go" on the  paper, in the house; therefore, they would not go when they were outside. The owners might "catch" the dog "having an accident" out side (at least the dog acts ashamed like they have just had an accident when in fact- going outside is what you want to see happen...) The suggestion I have heard for THAT problem is to put the paper outside and over the course of several days reduce the size of the newspaper until it looked something like a postage stamp...then the dog gradually gets used to going outside by going on the paper...where and I going with this? you dog is already going outside and unless you have taught her to wipe herself I'm sure there is no paper involved...My thought is that she has somehow learned that the yard spot is the only "okay" spot to go to the bathroom.  Theres a couple was Id suggest convincing her to go else where.

Examine her "spot." Whats different about it than other places? Is it grassy, sandy, woodchipped, etc. Bring her to places like that to relive herself. When you see her going to the bathroom outside of her comfort zone, be sure to lavish her with lots of praise and maybe a treat or two. Also, if you walk your dogs together reward and treat the other one for going potty. My other thought would be to look at it as you would housebreaking-do what you did to teach her (or another dog) to go outside... Generally you make a shedual up, and bring the dog out to do there business at certain intervals i(as opposed to letting them go anywhere and everywhere they want.) So put her on a leash, take her out to her "spot" and right as she goes to relieve herself- give the command "potty!"...eventually she will learn to associate both the leash and the command with going potty...then slowly give the command further and further away from her usual spot...eventually she will do it on walks...good luck. I hope that was coherent...


Thanks for the input.  I think there's going to be a lot of working with her (she's quite insecure).  I just couldn't believe she held it for as long as she did.  I was thinking it had more to do with the leash...In college my roommate had a dog that was, for lack of a better term, shy about her potty spots.  She'd crawl into the tallest grassy spot possible and turn her back to you (I know I'm putting human insecurities on this situation, but it's my only reference point). 

Ahhh, the joys of doggie psychology.

Thanks again!


I've had dogs do the same thing....even to go as far as to not pee for over 24 hours when traveling or just being in a new home. Recently when Kara went to the vet in Florida back in September, she would not pee for a full day, and did not poop until the 2nd day. But she finally caved in to the "pressure" and did what she had to do. I really don't know of anything to do except to keep taking them out over and over and giving ??? Like Zidi did...they'll go when they have to. The more she travels perhaps the more "at ease" she'll feel doing her thing in public. As they say...practice makes perfect! ;)


Thanks, Dave.  She's fine now that we're home - still won't go on a leash, but hey, I'm not sure I could either.  (and check out the new pix)  ;D  hehehe

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