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I did a search for animal petitions here and nothing came up.
Maybe it is not allowed?  If it is allowed, I will post 4 (and ONLY 4 later).

Our rescue organization is involved in trying to shut down the  horrors at the 3F ferret farm.
Links to various articles here: or go straight to PETA: for the original investigation that was then officially recognized and taken up by the USDA!

The reason I am asking is because Not only was our Rescue orgs twitter bot (FUROAlert) for these petitions malciously attacked and Shut Down, but the backup account was too!

So now we have only been relying on FB until "resolution". T_T  Until I thought of posting here.
Please let me know if it is possible.  FB only gets one so far with the users being allowed to "block" anything or anyone they don't want to hear/see.

With the USDA officially investigating, we have the rare Chance of Winning this and shutting down that he11ho1e forever.  But we need more signatures and more awareness.

Thank you.

Since no admin has come along and said NO, I will post the four petitions sponsored by our organization, FURO (Ferrets Universal Rights Organization).
If you can not sign (they are all, then please share as much as you can on other interested sites.

It's been three days now and twitter still does not respond nor call us for resolution for this unwarranted shut down. :(


It is bad enough the NIH, FDA, and CDC use animals for medical testing, but in doing do they also (albiet unknowningly) FUND the widespread TORTURE and ABUSE at this PA farm.  So we are petitioning each of them respectively to break all government contracts and NOT use OUR tax $$ to fund these horrors. 

CDC petition:

NIH petition:

FDA petition:

PETLAND is an international corp with shops across the world from China, to Japan, to Europe, and of course, their home base in America.  They are also a MAJOR buyer of 3F ferrets.  Getting PETLAND to cease contracts with 3F would put a large dent in their revenues and be another big step to shutting 3F down for good.
Petland petition:

Thank you for any and all help.  T_T


Hi, yogaferret!  It's nice to see you again.  Not necessarily under these circumstances, but you know what I mean.


Been really busy.  Been on, just only in the recipes. ^^;

So.... not sure what I should do.  Should this be moved to another section?  I thought this was the most logical section, but there is that "what's happening in your life" kinda section...

for instance, there are these related rescue topics in this section...

so I thought it might be OK... ?


It's fine!


Yeah.  ac or I would most likely be the ones to move it and it seems fine where it is.


*whew* great to know.  thanks!



PETLAND has issued to all of their stores a corporate directive stating "DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THE TRIPLE F FERRET FARM". I had the pleasure of speaking with Elizabeth Kunzleman at PETLAND Corp and found her to be not only pleasant and compassionate, but in the same conversation she shared that they were outraged at the conditions cited in the PETA video/investigator's notes, and of course the USDA's inspection report. They are sympathetic with us on this campaign against The Triple F Ferret Rescue.

She further explained that they had gone into action polling all of their stores to see what 3F purchase activity was in place, but again, ordered a DN Purchase directive to all stores.
... ...
She also had concern that they, PETLAND, not be confused with another retailer "Petland Discount", stating that mistake is often made and to please make sure that this clarification exists.

This is my statement from a phone call this morning 9/27/2011 12:30p, and I am not an official spokesperson for Petland.
Barbara Osborn Clay

Visit to follow and continue actions against 3F!

CDC petition:

NIH petition:

FDA petition:


It sounds like you are crossing the line between free market activism, which I support, and government regulation, which I fiercely oppose...

  Our rescue organization is involved in trying to shut down the horrors at the 3F ferret farm.  Links to various articles here: or go straight to PETA: for the original investigation that was then officially recognized and taken up by the USDA

From the PETA article:

After meeting with PETA and reviewing our evidence, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) inspected Triple F Farms and confirmed our findings of multiple Animal Welfare Act violations.

Your actions are definitely bad for people who choose to use ferret-related products and services (whatever they may be).

Your actions are also bad for people who don't ever want anything to do with ferrets (I'm one of them), but are threatened by the horrendous abuses of government power that you advocate.  The government is a gun, and your belief that you will always be the one who decides where to point it is a fantasy.  If you can use violence to dictate what others can do with ferrets, then others can use violence to push their values on you as well!

Your actions are even bad for ferrets themselves, who, without being utilized by humans, have very limited prospects on this planet.  Over 99.9% of species that ever existed went extinct without human beings.  Human beings can manipulate the environment to create many orders of magnitude more natural resources for animals to utilize, on the basis of Property Rights.  There can someday be ferrets on countless space-stations and terraformed moons and planets - all thanks to man!


Hi, Alex ~

We try to keep the debates contained in Food Fight.  If you want to debate ferret advocacy, please start a thread there.



My bad.  :-[


Tu HH!  :)

You understand that this is all about stopping WIDESPREAD *PROVEN* torture and abuse of fellow sentient beings. :'(


Which you don't have the right to do by force, as I explain on a more appropriate thread.

(End of off-topic conversation on this thread.)


Thanks for sharing, yogaferret! Disregard pro-cruelty foolishness, which is not representative of VW users as a whole; most users here definitely appreciate the links. :-)


and we are VERY thankful for everyone"s support.  :)>>>

I know ^v^  Been here a long time myself (just in the recipes and background.)


I post updates on the petitions themselves, but maybe i will post on occasion here too....

We are currently working on getting an Official Statement in writing from Petland Corp now that their founder has agreed to issue a DNP from 3F (do not purchase) order to all companies!

Of course, there is still the NIH, CDC, and FDA "mountain"  but it is a start!

Personally, TUVM for signing and  sharing.

Change can never be enacted alone. :)>>> :)>>>


Posting because Triple F is nothing more than a Ferret version of a puppy mill:
And if you ever read the Investigator notes, one senior Triple F employee, after inflicting obvious pain, made the callous and now proven UNTRUE comment of "Oh they"ll never remember". 
(Of course, anyone that does regular shelter volunteering or animal rescue, already knew this to be true.)

Mills leave lasting emotional scars, study finds


OMG, I am so ()&*^&$$ MAD!

TODAY, according to the Pennsylvania DOA, documented situations like “In picking her up to check for signs of a staph infection, I gently touched her forehead.....Almost instantly, her eyes seemed to explode”,   and
“When I entered barn three to care for weanlings, I noticed a strong smell of rotting flesh.  I scanned the cages … and found a dead ferret within the group of ferrets ...The ferret's remains looked as if they were melting or liquefying” 


THEY will not press charges against Triple F FOR ANYTHING!!

Please let the government know we will not stand for this!!
Please S&S all petitions!


"The three-minute video shows ferrets with gaping wounds, internal organs protruding from their rectums, and infected, bloody eyes and mammary glands. Newborn ferrets drag themselves along the floor of the facility after falling through their cages...."

quote from  the Huffington Post,

If you can spare a minute, PLEASE SIGN the petitions to help end this.  :'(
Thank you.


Our official logo was just donated this weekend.....

:)>>> :)>>>



Even after being alerted to the horrors of 3F animal cruelty, the CDC once AGAIN made a new contract of $16,750 with 3F!
I guess we are still not LOUD enough for the US government to hear us.
PLEASE sign, share, and Share Again! We can not rest and let this grossly inhumane treatment continue. We can not rest until the US government STOPS IGNORING us!

Thank you for all your support. ♥  :)>>> ♥


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