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Americans over medicating their dogs

Well, this is one of the reasons why the MAJORITY of veterinarians in the US suck! They over vaccinate, know absolutely nothing about proper pet nutrition (they push pet foods that are about as nutritious as cardboard), and now work along with the pharmaceutical companies to rob your wallet, and kill your pet.  >:(

I hope nobody reading this does yearly vaccines for their dogs or cats. If you do...ask yourself, would you vaccinate yourself or your kids every year?  :P

I hate vacinnating my dogs.  Unfortunately the "resort" (they call themselves a resort, a cageless place I keep them in when I go out of town) demands it or they won't take them.


Hey Tweety,
Will the cageless boarding place allow you to present them with "titer tests" for the vaccine antibodies? Many do. If not, maybe you can find a vet to "help" you with the paper work needed to show your dogs have been vaccinated. My holistic vet does. Though I have a pet/house sitter watching them (it's actually her vet tech.), she has always told me she will provide any paperwork i need to be covered.

To read about the harmful effects of vaccines and titer testing:

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