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Adopting a kitten. Any Advice? Natural food/litter recommendations?

So, I may soon be sharing my home with a lovely little female kitten.  Growing up we never had a cat or dog (allergies), so my experience is limited to an iguana, gerbils, chicks and a ferret (all were beautiful creatures, just different from cats and dogs!  I did volunteer at the local shelter in junior/senior high, but still have no experience actually living with a cat).  As such I would like to be prepared before I bring the kitten home, and am hoping you might have a tip or two to share with me.  As it stands I live alone in a smallish one bedroom apartment (approx. 500 square feet), so I may need to get creative with my space, to accommodate things like a scratching post, litter box and eating area.  Please approach your replies as if you are speaking to someone who has NO experience with cats, I'll likely be ignorant to even the most seemingly self-evident detail and would appreciate the sharing of your superior feline knowledge/experiences!  ;)

Thanks in advance!!

PS.  It would be lovely to learn what expenses I should expect to incur as well, if anyone has a figure or two they can lend.
PPS.  I'm excited! ;D

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